[dev] [st] emoji ascii fontconfig

From: Rasmus Liland <jral_AT_posteo.no>
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 2020 15:40:07 +0200

Dear suckless dev list,

Is it possible to display both Joypixels
emojis and mutt “thread lines” in st(1) at
the same time by configuring fontconfig?

E.g. in mutt, when having a thread like this:

          L 20-06-11 10:56 Nikita Zlobin (3.6K) [hackers] [tabbed][PATCH] Use PWD xprop to set workdir for spawned clients
          L 20-06-11 22:14 Hiltjo Posthu (4.0K) └─>
          L 20-06-12 09:32 Nikita Zlobin (4.8K) └─>

the “─” symbol disappears when defining
JoyPixels as a sans-serif option in
a local fontconfig (~/.fonts.conf) after
DejaVu Sans:

        <?xml version='1.0'?>
        <!DOCTYPE fontconfig SYSTEM 'fonts.dtd'>
                    <family>DejaVu Sans</family>

but the symbol is invisible, appearing again
like a ghost when copying it into vim in
another st ...

This is more of a st problem than a
fontconfig problem, right?


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