[dev] [quark] vhosts potentially broken in 58d0f44e0395fe37b3575da35992b3d3e7f262d7

From: <raedwulf_AT_raedwulf.co.uk>
Date: Sat, 21 Nov 2020 15:10:48 +0100

Hi Laslo,

For a bit of context, I've been running quark with its vhost support like this:
quark -p 80 -h raedwulf.co.uk -u http -g http -d /srv/http \
    -v "git.example.tld ^(git).example.tld git/"

I want to serve /srv/http/git in the vhost git.example.tld.

I have recently updated to the git master of quark and noticed that I couldn't
get vhosts to work anymore. I'm currently unsure what is the precise reason
but it seems related to line 631 of http.c:

/* stat the relative path derived from the URI */

This seems to stat the non-vhost paths.

Commenting this out led to other errors - it started trying to move it
permanently. Before digging further, I thought I'd ask first, because I
think I may be doing something stupid and missing the obvious.

On an aside, I do look forward to the new work going into quark!

Best regards,
Ralph Eastwood
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