Re: [dev] Build system: redo

From: Sergey Matveev <>
Date: Wed, 6 Jan 2021 17:57:32 +0300

*** Greg Reagle [2021-01-06 08:52]:
>I know that there are advantages to having the .do files separated, so there is no need to mention that.

But single .do is huge disadvantage. Can not skip mention of that :-)
Each changing of that single .do will expire all targets. Each different
invocation can record completely different dependencies, because various
redo-ifchange commands were called. Basically it is unworkable .do.


Most of variables like PKG_CONFIG and similar can be written with ${:-}
construct, to be able to override it with environmental variables.

> config.h)
> cp config.def.h "$3"

Can be written just as: cat config.def.h. Just shorter.

> clean)
> redo-always

No need to add redo-always to the targets that only can be "called" by
the human/user. User uses "redo" command, that forces specified targets
to be rebuild. So "redo clean/dst/install/whatever" will always do the
target. redo-always here is completely useless.

> install)

It misses "redo-ifchange st". It will fail if st was not built.

> install)
> exec >&2

Why that exec? There is only one "echo" in that target at the end. It is
better to add redirection to stderr, than to call heavy "exec" for the
whole target.

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