Re: [dev] Ada not Rust

From: Teodoro Santoni <>
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2021 12:50:40 +0200

2021-04-20 10:56 GMT+02:00, Laslo Hunhold <>:
> I'm certain the only main reason Ada wasn't picked up is because it was
> developed in the military, and the hippies in the FSF didn't like that.

Probably it's a matter of power (no GNU folks in that standard
commission) and of taste (Ada never been a hip program, the object
oriented rubbish occupied twenty years of GNU and FSF work alone, and
GNU traditionally embodies an important Lisp community).

> Another problem is a lack of compiler diversity, but don't we also have
> that with C? And other than C, which becomes infested with
> GNU-extensions on a massive scale, Ada is still developed by consortium
> and relatively safe from that.

Imho there is good fragmentation and bad fragmentation, compiler
diversity ends up with creating a corporation or a foundation or a
political body to control it and then it's bad fragmentation.
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