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From: Hiltjo Posthuma <>
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2021 11:38:20 +0200

Hi Martin,

Thank you for the valuable feedback.

On Fri, Jun 11, 2021 at 02:15:47PM +0800, Martin Tournoij wrote:
> Hello,
> I think the suckless website could do with some updating. I think suckless
> has potential, but people are turned off by the old website. Using a more
> modern website built with a modern framework like React or VueJS could
> probably solve a lot of its problems.
> Some of the problems:
> 1. I am able to find most information by using the clearly labelled menu
> items. This is very boring! A good website makes users search for the
> content they want, this is more fun and drives engagement.
> 2. I am unable to find a mobile app for either iOS or Android? Is there a
> suckless mobile app? You really can't afford to NOT have a mobile app
> these days.
> 3. Because the website is written in plain language with relevant and
> useful content the SEO score is very low. You can add some more
> critical keywords as a quick fix, but personally I would recommend some
> larger changes, such as renaming "software that sucks less" to "Is it
> true that software can suck less? We compiled 7 reasons why it could!"
> Other content that could be added are blog posts, for example "How
> suckless' minimalism can help your relationship with your dog", or "Six
> different ways suckless can get you laid", "Why Linus Torvalds says he
> HATES suckless", "Does using suckless mean you're a beta cuck?", etc.
> The most important part is a title that will either 1) confirm people's
> preconceived notions, or 2) outrage people. Most people don't read the
> article so that's not very important, as long as it uses many keywords.
> It's also important to post this on at least 46 subreddits, Hacker
> News,, etc. Don't worry if it may be on-topic or not, with
> some luck it will slip past the moderation because your incendiary
> title will drive engagement. You can always create a new account if you
> get banned.
> 4. currently has a score of 100 on Google PageSpeed. This is
> far too high. The homepage loads in about 200ms for me, far too fast
> too. Slower load times increases frustration of users, and more
> emotional users drive greater engagement.

200ms seems still a bit high, maybe we could use geolocated CDNs of the
reliable Fastly CDN for negative latency.

> 5. It doesn't ask to send me notifications at all. As a user, I feel
> undervalued and ignored. Please, ask for notifications and send me a
> notification every time something important happens, such as mailing
> list posts, or other important events such as a suckless developer
> breaking wind. I absolutely need to know about this without any delay.
> 6. The page is not standards-compliant: it only uses about 9% of my CPU
> during the initial load and 0% after this. This is not in accordance
> with modern web standards. It's important to be standards-compliant.
> It's really stuck in the IE6 days in this regard!

The 0% CPU issue is a known bug which is caused by a lazy CPU, you should buy a
new one.

> 7. It's not made with 💖. This breaks my 🫀. Do you not love me? I think
> this is very rude.

While it is true not loving someone is very rude, this is not the case. We at
suckless(tm) love all our consumers. I will forward this complaint to our
Senior Love Manager.
> 8. I am not distracted by fun and interesting advertisements. If I do not
> see an advertisement about Coca Cola, Swatch, Wix, etc. every 5 to 10
> minutes then I might forget about them, and that would be terrible!!
> 9. There are no social media features, and I can't 👍 or 💖 anything. I
> also can't post it to my Facebook. I would really like to share it with
> my anti-vaccination group on Facebook but now it's very hard :-(
> 10. The website is only in English; I expected the page to be
> automatically translated to Indonesian as I'm accessing it from
> Indonesia. Respecting the user's preferences from the Accept-Language
> header is also not in accordance with modern web standards.

Some of the content is in German, which was too controversial. There is still
some on the following page however:

> 11. The suckless website is open source and I cloned the git repo, but I
> couldn't find any way to run it with systemd. Is this possible? I
> wanted to try and make it better, but it's very hard for new
> contributors if your website doesn't run on systemd. I also tried
> adding it to my k8s cluster, but that didn't work either :-/
> As you can see, these are all very real problems. I think suckless will
> never be popular without a good modern website. I could add some more, but
> I think we can start by working on these problems.
> There are many modern frameworks but you should really use React in my
> opinion. It is amazing. I do everything with React; I became a millionaire
> by mining Bitcoins with React, I cook my food with React (React curry with
> chickpeas is about as amazing as [12]+3 resulting in the string "123"!),
> and wow, the response from the women when I say I use React!! It's the
> easiest Tinder opening line ever. My cat loves React too.
> I hope you find all these tips useful!
> Thank You,
> Martin
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I will forward the other points in the e-mail to our Agile SCRUM master and
they will get back to you on the next workday.

Kind regards,
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