Re: [dev] [dwm] Why should (or shouldn't) dwm have a spawn function?

From: Mateusz Okulus <>
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2021 22:15:17 +0200

On 21/06/29 03:38PM, Hadrien Lacour wrote:
> The point of sxhkd isn't really itself, but having your daemon I/O completely
> available through IPC. This is a big advantage, as it allows the most
> power/freedom when interacting with it; especially through scripting.

But scripting what exactly? Can you give an example?

I guess you could write a script that automatically creates a detailed
setup for you, but compare that with dmw functionality - I'm fairly sure
the only options to change would be tag set, mfact, nmaster and layout.
All that can easily be configured at once by writing a simple function.
So the need for scripting in itself is an indication for overly,
unnecessarily complex setup.

In general I'd agree with modularity, but it always comes with some
overhead, and in this case with no additional benefit.


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