Re: [dev] Wayland compositors

From: Nick <>
Date: Wed, 8 Sep 2021 13:36:05 +0100

Quoth Страхиња Радић:
> On 21/09/08 12:28, Nick wrote:
> > honest I found the arguments made there to be largely unconvincing,
> Any argument in particular and why?

A lot of the "Wayland breaks" examples don't seem to be fairly
reporting on the actual issues. The jitsi screen sharing issue, for
example, has reports that it works fine for fedora, but it's just
the case that (at least when the bug was being discussed, over a
year ago), the integration of xda-desktop-portal into the system of
some users hadn't happened yet. The fact that the Jitsi devs closed
the bug as "not much we can do on our side" doesn't mean "wayland
broke it and we can't fix it". The same is true of at least most of
the screen recording / sharing stuff - it works differently on
Wayland (for not-bad reasons), so some software is redundant, and
others needed to be updated to use new APIs, and unsurprisingly the
proprietary crap is the last to be updated. But ultimately, the
important tasks represented (screen sharing & screen recording) do
work fine under wayland.

The other headings are less important, I'd say, and seem to either
fall under same answer as above (for which the answer is often just
to use different tools that are built for wayland), or non-terrible
side effects things that are intentionally done differently, for
good reasons (thinking of the "prevents GUI applications from
running as root" and "breaks windows rasing/activating themselves").

That's my reading of that gist, anyway.
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