Re: [dev] Wayland compositors

From: Laslo Hunhold <>
Date: Thu, 9 Sep 2021 15:56:03 +0200

On Wed, 8 Sep 2021 20:34:20 +0000
Hadrien Lacour <> wrote:

Dear Hadrien,

> This, it would have been a great goal to modularize X11 and keep the
> worthy parts, not just reduce it to an exercise in "minimalism" (and
> complete lack of portability) and expect the free FOSS market to
> magically solve the remainder.

really well put, I totally agree!

> A good rant. Let me add my biggest problem: global keyboard grabbing
> isn't possible unless done by the compositor, so something like
> bspwm+sxhkd doesn't look possible right now.

Thanks! Yes, this is a good point. On a related note, the coordinate
system is messed up as well. It's not possible to position a window
somewhere specifically (e.g. at the top), which makes dmenu impossible.

I understand that this was, again, done to make Wayland ultra-flexible,
but if you really want to go all Zen you could at least offer a
function allowing you to request to be positioned somewhere. If your
fish-eye-compositor with bloody non-euclidean geometry denies this
request, so be it, but 99% of the cases still cover the traditional
rectangular desktop setup. What a mess this is!

With best regards

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