Re: [dev] Whether a css selector applies to given html surf code

From: Страхиња Радић <>
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2021 18:41:06 +0200

On 21/10/26 04:48, Sagar Acharya wrote:
> That's a bit more primitive. It can go a bit more vibrant wrt fonts, colors,
> break points for mobile, tablet which would still be minimal in my view. I'm
> approaching such simplicity from the other complex end which most people
> prefer, unfortunately.

These are the web pages of some of the giants of computing:

Notice anything they have in common?

Modern web is a perversion of what it once was - a simple environment to
represent hypertext. Years of cruft and overengineering have lead to a bloated
mess we have today. Things like Gemini

have risen recently precisely to address this problem.

Suckless movement is not about conformism, about "going with the flow" of what
"most people prefer". On the contrary, it is about shaking up the core values of
mainstream computing.

Take dmenu as an example. Its most well known use is to launch programs from the
script dmenu_run. Its counterpart in the traditional GUI would be eye candy
icons or shortcut buttons on some panel. When first confronted with such
concept, "most people" will find it "primitive" and even outlandish. However, if
some thought is given to understanding why it is made that way, one inevitably
starts to see the genius of the concept and why it is much better than clicking
an icon or a button with a mouse.

Surf is a necessary evil to be able to access the modern web. For new websites
however, anyone who finds value in the suckless principles should actively work
on reverting the web to a sane state it was in some 20+ years ago.

I suggest starting by making websites one creates viewable and readable in:

- NetSurf
- links

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