Re: [dev][mage] ''suckless'' image viewer proyect

From: Mateusz Okulus <>
Date: Sun, 5 Dec 2021 13:23:28 +0100

On 21/12/02 04:18PM, Fabin wrote:
> Hello everyone.
> I'm working on an image viewer that uses ImLib2, just like sxiv, since
> I'm not a fan of converting images just to view them. I've tried my
> best to keep it simple and usable.
> My problem with sxiv is when I try to 'hack on'. I find it a headache
> (not a C wizard) to customize beyond defaults, not to mention there
> are features built in that I don't need or like. I'm sure some of the
> users can somewhat agree.
> Anyway, does mage has a place on suckless?
> repo at <>

Looks very usable to me.

Thumbnail mode doesn't work for me. It's not in manual so I'll assume
it's work in progress. I'd personally would want to use mouse for
zooming and moving around, but -= hjkl is also fine.

I'd consider adding something similar to sxiv's -o option. I don't
personally use it but it seems very useful and not very hard to

Personally I'm fine with using sxiv. I've never looked at it's source
code but it doesn't seem bloated to me at all, it's even formally
approved on

I've just check and it seems that sxiv isn't maintained anymore I'd consider it complete though, and I
haven't spotted any bugs.

After fixing the thumbnail mode and adding the -o option it'd definitely
be a great replacement for sxiv. I'd most like switch if that was

In Makefile you should add `mage.o: image.c cmd.c layouts.c`, so if you
change e.g. image.c, then mage.o and mage get rebuild. Right now it's
not the case.


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