Re: [dev] Special target ".POSIX" in Makefiles

From: Laslo Hunhold <>
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 2021 21:07:06 +0100

On Thu, 30 Dec 2021 17:49:23 +0100 wrote:

Dear craekz,

> As far as I can see, we could add `.POSIX` to the following programs:
> dwm, dmenu, dwmstatus, sent and tabbed
> I've just looked over the Makefiles very briefly, so I may have
> overseen something. Note: I just picked out the "biggest" programs.

sadly the make-implementations out there don't offer a "strict" mode to
warn you about non-compliance or undefined behaviour. GNU make (as
usual with GNU products) added a lot of GNU-extensions and poisoned the
entire ecosystem. It's really easy to write non-compliant makefiles and
have things silently break or behave slightly different across

Adding a .POSIX target is one thing, it's another to actually verify
the makefiles are POSIX-compliant.

It would be a cool project-idea to write a very strict POSIX-compliant
make-implementation that, if it includes extensions, marks them as such
and prints a warning if desired. mk by plan9 is also very nice, of
course, but makefiles are the common denominator in the scene and it
might be a cool incentive to have such a validating make.

A lot of new systems are used all over the place, like cmake, ninja and
whatnot, so it might be cool to show how zen it is to just work with a
make-based build-system. One example is the really trivial way to
package suckless-projects, e.g. libgrapheme[0]. It doesn't get simpler
than that.

With best regards


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