Re: [dev] [surf] segmentation fault

From: Josuah Demangeon <>
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2022 11:35:34 +0100 wrote:
> Does that mean I have to compile surf incl all dependencies with
> Or do you have any other hint for me?

Страхиња did show you the way : config.h is the user configuration
file, distributions might also want packages with reasonable config.h
letting other packages putting dependencies on i.e. surf, dmenu, st...

Given the error message:

> segfault at 570 ip 00007f3e80b76a34 sp 00007ffce08e3148 error 4 in[7f3e806d0000+2387000]

If you feel like there is something going wrong at surf level rather
than webkit itself (such as wrong use or configuration of webkit),
comparing how webkit is used in another browser could tell.

Another thing to try: first compiling surf from git with the packaged
webkit you already have, then check again to see if it still carshes.
This will tell if the bug can be fixed on surf or webkit level.
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