[dev] [quark] Integrating form handlers with quark

From: climbTheStairs <yxtqwf_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2022 02:28:27 -0800


I have used quark to host my static website for the past few months,
and I've been amazed by how well it works.
I want to try out the idea of keeping data processing
and data presentation separate, described on quark's webpage:

> The solution is to rely on static regeneration independent
> from the web server, which just serves static files.
> You can still implement e.g. form handlers for dynamic content
> which run as their own network instance
> and operate independently from the web server.

However, I'm not quite sure how this would be done?
I'm writing a simple Go program to handle forms
(and only handle forms) on my website,
but I do not know how I could integrate that with quark.

I obviously can't have two different programs
both listening simultaneously on the same port (80);
unless I were to use multiple domains and servers,
would I need a reverse proxy like Nginx to pass
POST requests to the form handler and GET requests to quark?
That seems like it would completely reverse
the simplicity that comes with using quark.
Or would I need to install the basecgi patch
to pass the form to the external handler program?

Or is there something I'm completely missing?
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