Re: [dev] Is there a text editor following the UNIX philosophy?

From: Michael Hendricks <>
Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2022 19:40:42 +0000

> Jonathan Bakke wrote:
> Daniel Littlewood wrote:
> > From the other end, there is always ed.
> I use ed. Each tool is specialized, though.
> I prefer vi-like editing for fixing typos. Having visual feedback
> drastically reduces errors from commands like sed.

You might like se[1]. It's a screen-oriented version of ed. It can be
helpful for certain editing tasks where visual feedback is wanted.

Unrelated to ed, but for those who use emacs, I find mg[2] to be a
productive, medium-weight editor (~15k LOC). I use the one that comes
with OpenBSD.

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