Re: [dev] ii: how to process out in a pipeline and still page with less

From: Rodrigo Martins <>
Date: Sat, 28 May 2022 03:33:16 +0000


The problem here is I/O buffering. I suspect it to happen in the C standard library, specifically on the printf function family. If I recall, the C standard says stdio is line-buffered when the file is an interactive device and let's it be fully buffered otherwise. This is likely why you see different behavior with and without less on the pipeline.
I don't yet have a clear solution to this problem that doesn't involve modifying each program in the pipeline, but I've annexed a C source as an example that may be used in place of tr to replace single chars. This program is not supposed to buffer any I/O.
I see tee "shall not buffer output". Another possibility is the setbuf function, but I'm not sure it can be used without editing each program. More investigation is needed.


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