[dev] Keyboard language/layout used with slock

From: Benjamin Chausse <benjamin_AT_chausse.xyz>
Date: Sun, 4 Sep 2022 17:38:22 -0400

Greetings everyone,

I like slock a lot as a minimal lock screen although I have one main
gripe with the way it's used in my setup. It uses the keyboard layout
set inside of xorg.

I type my password on a US layout, yet I use both a Canadian
Multilingual and a US keyboard on my computer and toggle between both
using `alt+enter`. If it ever occurs that slock gets activated while my
computer is set to Canadian, I can potentially get locked out of my
computer if I'm not quick enough to realize the layout issue (I pam/sudo
configured with a maximum of incorrect passwords). Otherwise I can login
to another TTY and `killall slock` to unlock the X session.

Is there an existing elegant way to force slock to only use a certaint
layout? My current best idea would be to used the failure-command patch
to switch my layout after 1 incorrect password but this feels somewhat

Thanks to you all
-Benjamin Chausse

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