[dev] [a4] ColorRules enhanced syntax

From: Ross Mohn <rpmohn_AT_waxandwane.org>
Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2023 19:55:10 -0500

Having servers and user logins visually unique makes you much more
efficient and productive, however requiring a new full color scheme when
all you want to do is set a unique foreground or background color was
too burdensome. I've enhanced the ColorRules syntax to allow you to
specify a colorscheme name followed by an optional foreground and/or
background override color. See the Using Color Rules tutorial at
https://a4term.com/tutorial.html#colorrules for a full example of how
easy this makes it to set up useful rules.

<pattern> = <colorscheme> [<fgcolor|-1> [<bgcolor|-1>]]

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