[dev] [dwm] [st] benefits (or not) of -march=x86-64-v3 and gcc optimizations

From: Κρακ Άουτ <krackout_AT_gmx.com>
Date: Tue, 7 Feb 2023 10:30:24 +0200

I have compiled dwm & st using -march=x86-64-v3 (tried -march=x86-64-v2 also). To be honest they are both (dwm & st) fast and snappy with their default configuration and I cannot spot any difference when compiled with -march=x86-64-v3 or v2. Is there any point adding them?

Related, would -O2 or -O3 flags give any benefit?

As I mentioned, in practice I don't see any differences. I'm wondering if theoretically there could be some positive effect. People who know how exactly the code works are better suited to supply a definitive answer than me, that's why I'm posting here.
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