Re: [dev] bump copyright years?

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Date: Sat, 11 Feb 2023 12:28:21 -0500

(replying to the initial e-mail, sorry for no include)

I think that we should stop worrying about intellectual property, and stop
allowing governments, corporations and other cults and mafias to control
our lives.

I, honestly, if I were to write software - I'd do it for fun, as a hobby,
and would not only charge anything, but would be 100% okay for anyone to
do anything they want with it.
Yes, I know how much effort can go in some pieces of software.. and I
still stand firmly, behind my message.
Governments are going in a WRONG direction so fast that we probably cannot
realistically not only be more good, but not even even-out (with the speed
they bring/make rules shittier).
So I recommend that we give-up on the the concept of society and governing
and be more like the wild west.. there are so many reasons I cannot write
in here, and reasons I haven't even thought of, to do this.

I was working on a disclaimer that dismisses intellectual property as a
whole, as well as the governments and their power over us. I paused it due
to health complications.

Have a nice day, and remember - governments are not your friend, bro, they
are people working for $$, not for morals.
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