Re: [dev] ipaddr - script friendly ifconfig/ip replacement

From: <>
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2023 14:32:39 -0400

Sorry because I don't really care about the project other than "more
suckless = better", but I got a question: why GitHub?
It's literally depending on Microsoft.. we all know how companies like MS
and Google like to change shit all of a sudden.

It also hurts your privacy(ads, profiling, personal info, habbits, etc.)
and security(JS).

Codeberg seems to be better, but I prefer either self-hosting (could be
done just with something like cgit and trough Tor/I2P so you don't have to
set-up domain and certificate bullshit, or go even more minimalistic
something else than cgit like I do.. will do*), or find yourself a
network-ring of people/person you trust and perhaps they are hosting
something alike it..
I'd trust someone I contact with much more than some uncool company.

Issues not showing is another topic, though.. although I am planning to
just do them in IRC and perhaps like have logs archived and have that be
sort-of an issue people can search trough after like downloading..

I mean it when I say it: sky is your limit.. have as much FUN as you can,
while not being owned and dependent on shitty, greedy and evil

So, yeah.. thanks for software I guess.. someone will have good use out of
it, even if it's just code-wise :)
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