Re: [dev] [dwm] with SIGCHLD commit, dwm cannot launch dmenu_extended.

From: NRK <>
Date: Sat, 8 Apr 2023 21:45:46 +0600


On Sat, Apr 08, 2023 at 04:28:15PM +0200, wrote:
> I bind keyboard shortcut to launch dmenu_extended[1] in dwm, what works
> flawlessly before the `Use sigaction(SA_NOCLDWAIT) for SIGCHLD
> handling` [1] commit, since dmenu_extended does not change anything here,
> is this a regression or bug introduced with this commit or
> dmenu_extended need to adapt to conform the change? thanks.

You'll need to provide more information. What does your config look
like? Does dwm print any error message to stderr? Did you try to
reproduce with a vanilla dwm? Etc.

Without providing more information it's not possible to say what's going
on here, especially because that commit doesn't really do anything to
process launching. Which takes me to the question, how did you verify
that it's this commit that's causing the problem?

Because the commit right before it (89f9905 grabkeys: Avoid missing
events when a keysym maps to multiple keycodes) seems like something
that might actually mess with keybinds. (Try changing your
dmenu_extended keybind to something else and see if that works or not).

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