Re: [dev] Logical abilities of routers

From: Jeremy <>
Date: Mon, 1 May 2023 09:45:22 -0700

On 05/01/23 10:10AM, David Brooke wrote:
> You might not have NAT (I don't) so a firewall is likely to be useful.
> The OP specified IPv6, here you require Neighbour Discovery and there is
> no NAT so definitely consider a firewall.

Pretty neat that you don't use NAT. I had a public IP on my laptop
once(ONCE) & the Chinese kept sending garbage to any port that was open
& it made my laptop hot(almost burned my thighs!) What's your secret to
avoid this??

As I'm sure you're aware, iptables & nftables allow you to configure
NAT for IPv6. I couldn't seem to find any useful critisisms of NAT for IPv6.

IPv4 isn't going anywhere anytime soon & I doubt any commercial
enterprise will write software soley for publicly-addressable, consumer

> Well, you'll also want ARP for MAC address discovery and ICMP to report
> errors.
> ...
> Also consider the internet connection, you may need to run PPPoE to a
> xDSL modem or similar.

I hadn't thought to mention this - thank you.

- Jeremy
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