Re: [dev] Logical abilities of routers

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Date: Tue, 2 May 2023 14:18:01 -0400

> I can't stop unwanted traffic (and there is a lot of it) before that
but at
least it doesn't get on to my internal network.

Brother, not sure if you ever offered anonymous service.. try doing it,
die from stress, as you cannot really IP-ban or realistically even
rate-limit.. so you have to minimize the attack surface by which I mean
minimize the processing power required to do the necessary task, for example:
avoid dynamic web-sites, or programs that are say written in Python, do those
written in C, if possible do as little math as possible, etc.

I've seen people have their servers TOPPED, because of the say PHP having too
much work to do, like math and databases and shit, while I just serveed a
static site and well.. the limit is the network, and that's also one of
advantages, and one of reasons why anonymous networking shouldn't get faster
than the computers being able to handle the load that fast (unless you limit,
which should be a fucking option.. in I2P you have plenty of choice, even
custom global speed limit, on Tor you got shit, bro ;).. you have to have
computer/server as a fucking start.. but then I kind-of understand when I see
Tor relays with like a few MB of speed for 1 person.. now try to handle
I2P? under 100kb, very wholesome.

Unfortunately Quark seems to be still broken for me as-in drops connections
every now-and-then, even after restarting the computer eveery like 5min lol,
might try something like httpd.. but regardless, minimalism thrives, an
the point :)
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