Re: [dev] [license] gpl issues

From: Страхиња Радић <>
Date: Sat, 6 May 2023 10:56:23 +0200

On 23/05/05 08:07AM, Laslo Hunhold wrote:
> I try to take a balanced stance in the GPL vs. MIT discussion, given it
> usually derails into tribalist diatribes on both sides.

Essays have been written and are available online explaining everything about
GPL and related licenses, so there's no need for anyone to reiterate what is
already there (examples: [1], [2], [3], [4] and so on). Anyone interested can
read them and form their own opinion. Personally, I believe that GNU GPLv3+ is
superior and use it for programs I write from scratch. But that is pointless to
bring up here, because the reality is that the programmers who made suckless
software mostly picked Expat License (and are calling it "the MIT License"). It
is irrelevant for non-GPL programs I fork or contribute to, because once the
license is picked, software it applies to can't be relicensed.

Here we come to my main point: that this is a troll topic, promoting division
and pushing the main suckless principles to the background. Consequently, I
already wrote too much here.


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