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Hello, fellow magicians and wizards.

This comment doesn't reply to anyone's comment in particular, just my opinion
on the matter.

TL;DR: Intellectual Property should be denied right to exist, same with
government's abusive power over our lives in which we are approved less and
less security, privacy, anonymity, freedom and other rights everyone should
have to ensure a proper quality life..

1. I currently got a eye condition so I have to seriously save time by
corners (such as not reading all that you guys wrote), and also save time by
not reading what I wrote and make sure it makes 100% sense.. my eyes hurt the
more I stare at screen (no, a simple solution like "blink, idiot" doesn't

2. Sometimes I think that we ought to add some politics.. sometimes it's the
best way to spread both at the same time: politics/beliefs and software.
How? Like this:
If you're a politican or someone who explores life and one's right to
etc. and agree with say this and that: you'll perhaps use this software or at
least spread awareness of it just for the political/philosophical side of it.
If you like the software very much, like think "damn this is well built",
perhaps you'll also consider the same about the political side of it/what
with it.

3. by political I might have meant philosophical.

I thought that politics and ethnicity of things didn't really matter until I
realized more and more what I want in life, what I want life to look for
me and
others, and that we all directly or indirectly contribute for or against this
world in one way or another.
For example: if you do jack shit: changes are that in a few decades or even
just a few years - you will live in a dystopia.
Although you might live in a dystopia, the entire world might be a dystopian
place, too, there might be some people who have seen the truth, probably from
before, since more and more censorship is being utilized, and our privacies
ruined: truth is lesser and lesser, meaning those who live in a dystopia are
likely to live in it until they die, if that makes sense.

So if I live in a world that I want to live in (say my own world/life will
be the same for everyone, because of their choices), I'll have a better
life as
well as perhaps interest others to do same or similar.

Not sure where I was going, just a political/ethical/religious summary of
I guess

So I want to control my life and be able to make choices, etc., basically
in a utopia.
To do so, I want/have to reject most if not all government regulations,
laws as
well as grants (such as "Protection against misuse because to copyright").

I, henceforth also deny government's power, meaning I don't want to get it's
protection, nor even admit that intellectual property (IP rights: copyright,
patents, trademark) exists, as it's I believe a government construct.. or
construct of some kind, that just doesn't really hold water for me...
was, according to Richard Stallman, in the beginning for the public's sake,
their "ability"(more like approval) to print books.. it's soooo way

In today's world many bad things are not only encouraged, but even awarded..
such as capitalism, selfishness, lack of freedom I mean government-given
security, justice, equality or equity, etc.
People these days do things for money, instead for the spiritual merit as
as other spiritual, social or emotional awards from doing something and/or
completing it.

Of course open soruce is usually free, but it utilizes government's abuse to
force this and that person to be able to do just this and that, and sometimes
for this and that purpose (if I understood Linus Torvald's opinion on GPLv3,
it's this).

I don't pretend that government doesn't have (abusive) power and doesn't
control my life, I deny it, be them some sort of sentences or benefits(say IP
protection, etc.).

P.S. Government is evil beyond imagination, and it makes people evil trough
capitalism, encouring less human rights and making them slaves and/or enraged
so they go and massacre each other instead of the heads.. kill the fucking
head, not servents, etc.
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