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NOTE: verify by research, I not only cannot be arsed to provide 100% sure
information, but you shouldn't trust me, and frankly - I am in no health..
doing more than I should already :(

DISCLAIMER: a shittily-put rant which should be useful, hopefully. Sorry, my
eyes hurt a lot already.. god fucking dammit :(

You wanted a simple reply? You got a fucking storm lmao, enjoy.

A router is software (Linus Tech Tips made a video called 'Routers suck, make
your own"), but can be ASICs that are built specifically to perform best at
this and that (say enforcing firewall rules, etc.).

I know almost nothing on the matter (other than what I previously said),
but I
know this one thing for sure: it's not suckless enough :D.

And there are alternatives to WiFi(althogh you only mentioned it in the

A couple of them, but I think that you need to choose your target:
- short-range
- middle-range
- high-range

If I went with anything, I'd go with high-range, because I think that the
internet as a whole network is getting shittier and shittier, partially
of worse and worse laws.
Meaning all access more-less, to the internet is right now shit, and
pro-capitalism, pro-dependence, imagine it in 10 years: all 6G, only 10
range for 1T speeds for all of your bloated ShitScripts and 8k movies on a
fucking phone (not yours, but theirs) and you walking on the Amazon walk
that has WiFi lmao.

A few high-range (I'd say alternatives, but I don't think there's anything
radio at that range, on a higher scale) protocols, I guess.

One of them, although shitty, is god dammit what is it called LoRaWAN I
But it's proprietary, that's the shitty part.. something something patents
something.. patented I think.
I took fucking notes SOMEWHERE about this, but cannot remember.. searching
them for a while.. fuck them.
LoRaWAN is like up to >10km with perfect clearing, but throw a tree here and
there, and what do you get? even if 1km, that's fucking awesome, in my

There's an alternative to the super-cool LoRaWAN, here
I think last time I looked at this, the best seemed to be DASH7.

They even compare them:
DASH7 is 0-5km, etc.
Also LoRaWAN has that high range with low power, which is a) suprising and 2)
important.. not sure about DASH7.

And when I was figuring out networking and shit, I thought to myself: what if
most of networking was wireless (say a mesh network over something like
Yggdrasil, without ISPs, without internet, 100% free except hardware and

I wasn't sure how it worked, but then again: you don't connect to 1000000
routers when using I2Pd, right? This means there'll be a limit, so then
everything in my head just clicked together except how the fuck do you
to all peers necessary oh well have maybe 10 antennas? But what, you want
high-range? Doesn't that also mean narrow-band or whatever I want to say
signal? Like would do only 1 degree out of 360 or something lol, but a high
high distance..


Perhaps this is not what you wanted, and I'm a little wasting my time, again:
title confusing with e-mail body.

> "Ground breaking world record! LoRaWAN packet received at 702 km (436

In LoRaWAN references.. HOLY SHIT!

If you gonna build anything, having it suckless would be cool.
What would also be cool is the following things:
Can I have shit like firewall?
Like I want to deny/allow access STRICTLY to say shit like I2P/Tor, perhaps
have that optional?

What about hardware, though? I think we should be moving more towards FPGAs
because of hardware verification utopia:
Open Source is Insufficient to Solve Trust Problems in Hardware:

I agree that routers shouldn't be a whole OS like OpenWRT, but then again:
should it instead be machine assembly?
If you gonna write C, you are probably going to have some sort of embedded
system, no? Hmmm
I'd like to see a tiny thing, like RPI, doing say 1G networking, 3-5 ethernet
ports and like 1-5 antennas.
Would I buy one? Hell no, de-anon :(. That's one of fucking curses of

Holy shit, who makes something on GNU/Linux anymore? Phew, asking for
problems, I tell you!
At least use like FreeBSD or preferably OpenBSD, stupid routers!
HAHAHA OpenWRT is written in Lua?

But yeah.. not sure if I'd like buy one, but putting it together myself on a
breadboard? I could 100% do that.
Not sure how I'd fucking do that if 1000 components, but if <50, I could
do it,
after a few shows of alcohol to calm hands (if we talking CMR or whatever
small things are).

what about a RPI project? I have them, and many people have them, as well as
they could be already very familiar to some people.
Someone I think hosted a fucking website on a Raspberry Pi pico or something,
like 100M of RAM! hah!
Not sure about the ethernet ports, can that be solved by just a switch, or
preferably a daughterboard or like a module what do they call them I forgot.
God dammit if I am not Terry Davis 2, at least mentally-vise.

some of my notes (I considered starting some sort of networked protocol
until I
found out about I2Pd and Yggdrasil (although a C implementation is REQUIRED):

apparently: lower frequency signals have a shorter, but more reliable range,
while higher frequency signals have a longer, but less reliable range.
in this case means that if the signal is blocked by objects that are in it's
way, the signal will not be interrupted.

So, yeah, cannot wait for the dream of computer utopia of independent mesh
network running yggdrasil+i2p+IPFS/zeronet and people being able to
fucking do
whatever they want on there.

One thing I do fear: A.I... will they soon be on this mailing list? Who
Also attackers can be a problem.. pffft, but that's a story for another time.
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