[dev] [quark] a monty-pythonesque journey with SYSTEMd

From: Spenser Truex <truex_AT_equwal.com>
Date: Mon, 29 May 2023 23:37:45 -0300

My $10/yr VPS host Racknerd ungraciously requires that I'd make a support
ticket in order to get a custom ISO for my VPS. I think I'd rather
suffer and die. Fun awaits? Maybe I can collect a pile of .service files
for some suckless programs?

Quark has a slightly complex set of behaviours that make systemd not boot
it. I think systemd sockets and systemd chroot shenanegains are involved
here. It "starts" but causes systemd to hang on the systemctl start quark
command. The socket doesn't open -- quark seems to be blocked in some way.

Unbound has a similar issue, and it too has a chroot startup which is
explicitly defined in their systemD service file on debian, but the
unbound official recommendation is to use whatever magic code the program
can run to install itself. And they recommend deleting the socket-related
bits in the systemd service files directory. Despite this, I tried just
copying the unbound config but wasn't able to get it to work. SystemD
doesn't tell you why it doesn't work (please pay redhat instead for
help installing programs on your VPS!).

I hope to succeed on my quest for the Holy Grail in this desolate land.
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