Re: [dev] Suckless filesystems

From: David Demelier <>
Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2023 11:28:06 +0200

On Fri, 2023-06-23 at 10:30 +0200, wrote:
> Sagar Acharya <> wrote:
> > Which are the filesystems which suckless recommends?
> >
> > In my view, simple ones are FAT32, ext2.
> >
> > I think journaling is required which I see as within disk backup. A
> > robust and easy fsck like program which corrects errors easily. And
> > a program which periodically checks memory and replaces all
> > corrupted file data with journaled data to be spick and span.
> What do you think about xfs. is it too bloated for you guys?

XFS has nice features and very good and consistent documentation. Note
that it can only be expanded larger and not smaller (some consider this
as showstopper).

Beside that I've never experienced any major problem on XFS/EXT4,
however on OpenBSD I already had several files in /lost+found after a
power failure but you can't really choose something else yet.

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