Re: [dev] Minimalist software. Should I care?

From: Sagar Acharya <>
Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2023 09:03:24 +0200 (CEST)

Well, firstly I suggest using disroot instead of gmail.

That is a good start.

One of the key problems I find today is that of separating bots from humans. If we fail to do so, bots can be innumerable speaking from a vast IPv6 space. All attempts to correct such attack will fail!

Once we take a whitelisting approach, that of fixing IPv6 addresses and moving forward with decentralized servers with people hosting themselves, progress will be made.
Thanking you
Sagar Acharya

5 Jul 2023, 00:25 by

>> I take a practical approach. I use simple programs when they do the job well, and more complex programs when
>> they get the job done better. Sometimes a simple program
>> can be useful for certain jobs, such as ones involving
>> shell scripting, whereas a complex program may be more
>> useful for example in other applications, such as using Solidworks for engineering work. LaTeX is certainly a bloated monstrosity, but the damn thing is useful for a lot of different tasks.
>> People on this email list tend to go to an extreme in favoring simplicity above all else, which is why they release dumpster fires like the ST terminal emulator for example which has absolutely no features at all, is riddled with bugs and compatibility problems, and requires extensive patching to add in any useful features. The developers are also basement-dwelling losers, total raging assholes who take personal offense to the suggestion that their code should be better commented or that someone might fork the code to make an improved version.
>> I tried ST for a time before realizing it was trash and just switched back to Xterm, the gold standard of functional X11 terminal emulators, which the ST developers talked shit about, calling "bloated" in their documentation, and saying the code wasn't good. Actually it is not bloated, the code quality is much higher than ST (and is actually commented!), It Just Works(TM), and it's noticeably faster as well when ST is patched with the juvenile "scrollback buffer support" implementation--which calls malloc() once for every line(!) of the scrollback buffer.
>> Take anything that a religious cult member says with a grain of salt.
>> Dave
> Oof, I feel like that's gonna start one hell of a flame war right now.
> About suckless's software. Personally, I've got an impression that it's not about personal use. Like, you aren't really expected to install ST as you main and everyday terminal. These programs are more of a collection of tools that should be combined and embedded as a foundation for something bigger.
> Firefox will always be better than surf, it just will. But replacing Firefox is not what surf should strive for. It's more of a tool for situations when you need an ability to embed a website and full-blown Firefox or Chrome will be an overkill.
> That said, if there are any compatibility problems _(which there probably are, since why shouldn't there be any compatibility problems when your main goal when writing software is to make it as small as possible)_ than that kind of ruins the whole purpose of all of this...
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> Nikita
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