[dev] [dwm][PATCH] Add function to exec into another executable

From: Dmitry Bogatov <kaction_AT_disroot.org>
Date: Sat, 15 Jul 2023 10:30:24 -0400


I want to share my patch that I have been using for couple months that
simplifies reconfiguring of the dwm. It adds function to execute into
another executable, be it another build of dwm or another window manager.

I have following lines in `dwm.h':

        static const char *dwmcmd[] = {"dwm", NULL };
        static const Key keys[] = {
        {MODKEY | ShiftMask, XK_r, exec, {.v = dwmcmd}},

Exec'ing loses manual window arrangement (window arrangement gets reset
to one according to `rules', but I don't need to restart X, which is
much more annoying.

I think usefulness/complexity ratio is good enough to include this patch
into dwm main release.

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