Re: [dev] C variants, compilers and completeness

From: LM <>
Date: Tue, 1 Aug 2023 09:07:33 -0400

On Mon 24 Jul 2023, Sagar Acharya wrote:
> I see C compilers recommended by suckless are:
> tinycc
> simplecc
> cproc
> qbe
> lacc
> Which variant of C do they offer? What are the differences and do they offer sufficient features to express with a program completely?

I tried to check if Michael Forney's C compiler was on the list and ran across
this page while searching:
Thought it had some interesting comparisons of the compilers even if it is
comparing them to an interpreter. Michael Forney's compiler is cproc which I
thought was a very interesting and well designed alternative to GNU and llvm.
I've also read that Rob Landley (who was active on the musl mailing list) had
plans to work on a C compiler, but I think that project is dead. The code he
was working on is still available and there's more information about his tcc
forks here: I know some projects use tcc
successfully, but they're usually small projects. I thought pcc was also
interesting for its cross platform capabilities, but probably not as efficient
as some of the other choices and I think the version of C supported was rather

L. Michaels
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