Re: [dev] [edit] Introducing edit, a simple text editor

From: Arthur Jacquin <>
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2023 21:01:36 +0200

On 27/09/2023 17:10, Страхиња Радић wrote:

> On 23/09/27 03:50PM, Arthur Jacquin wrote:
>> termbox2.h is not C99 compliant, yet the -std=c99 compilation flag is
>> set in the default configuration. On the compilers I tried, it has not
>> been a problem as the non-C99 parts were ignored, but I shouldn't have
>> assumed it would always be this way. Sorry for the annoyance.
> Which parts of termbox2.h are not C99 compliant? What compiler doesn't
> "ignore"
> the non-C99 compliant code when -std=c99 is passed?
> I maintain my own simple editor called sled[1], which uses termbox2.h
> and
> passes `-std=c99` as a default flag. I have compiled it using GCC,
> Clang/LLVM,
> tinycc, on (GNU/)Linux and OpenBSD, and I have yet to encounter any
> errors.
> I tried compiling your program using `CC=c99` (script wrapper to GCC)
> and
> passing `-std=c99`, and there are only some warnings about implicitly
> declared
> functions, nothing about `struct sigaction`. In any case, you can
> simply
> include the needed headers prior to including termbox2.h (my program
> uses
> signal.h to redraw after C-Z, so I include it anyway).
> [1]:

The whole C99 compliance thing is not perfectly clear to me, and the
clarification is on my todo list. Let me explain what I understand as
of now. If I'm wrong, correct me.

I use tinycc and gcc for testing, with the `-std=c99` flag. Like you,
I've never had any errors, but I get warnings for implicitely
declared functions (with gcc): strerror_r, cfmakeraw, and fileno.
I believe these functions are not in the C99 standard library, if I
refer to this draft[0], and I would like to avoid including
POSIX-specific headers.

So to my understanding, termbox2.h is C99 compliant, but uses
functions that are not part of the C99 standard library, and that's
why I said (incorrectly) that termbox2.h is not C99 compliant.

What I'm not sure about is how these implicitely declared functions
are treated by the linker. As I intend to rewrite the termbox2.h
parts related to these functions, this question is not crucial, and
until the rewrite is done, deleting the `-std=c99` flag should be

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