[dwm] Fwd: A different makefile for dwm

From: Anselm R. Garbe <arg_AT_10kloc.org>
Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2006 11:07:28 +0200

Actually I don't like nmake that much, I send him a mail about
considering mk if he is unhappy about BSD/GNU make compliant

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Date: 3 Aug 2006 03:23:32 -0000
From: Icarus Sparry <wmii_AT_XXXXXXXXXXXXk.com>
To: garbeam_AT_wmii.de
Subject: A different makefile for dwm

Perhaps you might consider distributing the followin makefile with dwm.
It is for the AT&T "nmake" version of make. Now by no stretch of the
immagination could this be considered a 10k line of code program, but I
find it applealing that you can put all the complexity in one place, rather
than have it spread out over lots of places.

"Nmake" is part of the "ast-open" open source package available from

The enclosed Nmakefile does most of what your Makefile does. For example
"nmake pax" will create a tar archive including the current version number.

At least as impressive is that if you type
        nmake 'VERSION="0.7"'
it will know just to recompile main.c, and relink. You do not need to tell
it how to link with X11 differently on Solaris compared to Linux, and so on.

Personally I am very disapointed with the poor state of maintance that
GNU make receives, which was a major reason for looking for a sensible
alternative. So far I have been very impressed with nmake.

I am a strong believer in having programs of an appropriate size, which
usually means a lot smaller than the typical GNU bloat. Nmake is a big
program, but I think its size is justified.

I hope you feel able to distribute this Nmakefile along with swm.
/* Customize to fit your system */

# paths
INSTALLROOT = /tmp/dwn

VERSION == "0.6"
CONFIG == "config.h"

dwm :: client.c draw.c event.c main.c tag.c util.c dwm.1 -lX11 -lsocket
config.h :COPY: config.default.h

:: LICENSE Makefile Nmakefile README config.mk dwm.h dwm.html dwm.png

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