Re: [dwm] wmiimenu

From: John Norton <>
Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2006 13:32:54 -0500

What I did is make a small script, ~/menu, and added a line that calls larsmenu (just happens that I am also a larswm user). I did it this way, so that I wouldn't have to recompile dwm at the slightest change in my menu (i.e. I install an app on a whim). You could also use ratmenu, but I haven't gotten that to play properly with dwm. Of course, this "outsourceing" of an external script/config, might go against the design philosophy of dwm, but hey it works well for me.
On 12:10 Thu 03 Aug , Ross Mohn wrote:
> Let's say that I really liked launching apps from wmiimenu. How would I
> go about customizing so that I could use wmiimenu within dwm?
> You launch every app from an xterm?
> I hate those mouse-driven app launchers...
> -RPM

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