[dwm] dwm-0.7

From: Anselm R. Garbe <arg_AT_10kloc.org>
Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2006 09:08:26 +0200

Hi there,

I created following releases:


dwm-0.7 contains several bugfixes and some improvements. To me
it looks nearly feature complete.

The improvements have simplified, but changed, the config.h
file. dwm-0.6/config.h files ARE NOT compatible with dwm-0.7.

See following chnages:

#define TAGS \
const char *tags[] = { "fnord", "dev", "net", "work", "misc", NULL };

The tags are defined now in a simplier way, there is no enum

#define KEYS \
        { MODKEY, XK_p, spawn, \
                { .cmd = "exec `ls -lL /usr/bin /usr/local/bin 2>/dev/null |" \
                " awk 'NF>2 && $1 ~ /^[^d].*x/ {print $NF}' | sort | uniq | dmenu`" } }, \

The argv-char ** arrays have been removed from Key structure in
favor for a single string defining the command being invoked by

#define RULES \
static Rule rule[] = { \
        /* class:instance regex tags regex isfloat */ \
        { "Firefox.*", "net", False }, \
        { "Gimp.*", NULL, True}, \
        { "MPlayer.*", NULL, True}, \
        { "Acroread.*", NULL, True}, \

The Rule struct has been simplified as well, the second argument
of each rule is a regexp-pattern which matches against the tags
defined be TAGS. To match all tags (make a client sticky) use
".*" as second argument, to match several tags use
"tag1|tag2|tagn" as syntax (the "|" operator). The regexp syntax
is POSIX-compliant.

Beside the config.h changes, the Makefile now creates a default
config.h is absent.

In dmenu I removed the useless -t title switch which cluttered
the code unnecessary. If you use dmenu, its purpose should be
obvious in the context it has been started (due to menu items or
to the shortcut pressed).

I also added stripping to the default targets of the Makefiles.


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