[dwm] Re: ImageMagick & display(1)

From: dtm <usrucb_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2006 12:38:09 -0700

>>>>> "ARG" == Anselm R Garbe <arg_AT_10kloc.org> writes:

    ARG> I fixed this for floating clients now, they will be
    ARG> centralized to its transient resp. to the root window.

Certainly better than before. The display(1) window opens in the
center of the screen, rather than upper left (+0+0), but no biggie.
xv(1) and xloadimage(1) now also open in the center of the screen.

When an image is larger than the screen, display(1) additionally opens
a tiny scrolling window. Normally, this is opened to the (right) side
of the image. With change(s) you made, it opens in the middle of the
display(1) window. Again, no biggie, just different.

Thanks again for the very quick response!

-- dtm
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