[dwm] My first impressions

From: Capit Nicolas <capitn_AT_free.fr>
Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2006 12:35:46 +0200


I don't know if this is the right place but I want to give you my first
impressions about dwm.

First I am agree with you : small codes are better and more maintainable.
I was using ion for 3 years and when I tried dwm I says : this is exactly what I
So thanks for the good job :-)

I have some questions/ideas:

  - Is it possible to tile or float a window individualy without a Rule in the
It exists the possibility to float all or tile all but I didn't find this for a
particular window?

  - Do you think there is a way to hide the status bar. For example when you
maximize a window you would have the entire screen for just this one?
I thought to a define in the config.h to enable or not that and perhaps show the
bar when the Meta key is pressed and hide it otherwise.
What do you think about this?

  - I made a small hack to change the size of the main window in the tile mode.
I know I must test the screen borders when I perform that but I didn'have enough
This is the diff:

diff ./dwm.h /tmp/dwm-0.9/dwm.h
> extern void modifymw(Arg *arg);
diff ./tag.c /tmp/tag.c
> void modifymw(Arg *arg){
> mw -= arg->i ;
> arrange(NULL);
> }

An in config.h I add the lines:

{ MODKEY, XK_Left, modifymw, { .i = 10 } },\
{ MODKEY, XK_Right, modifymw, { .i = -10 } },\

So effectively it is not so difficult to add a new feature :-)


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