Re: [dwm] Re: My first impressions

From: Ross Mohn <>
Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2006 12:46:01 -0400

On Fri, 2006-08-18 at 08:26 -0700, dtm wrote:
> >>>>> "RM" == Ross Mohn <> writes:
> >> Can multiple windows be viewed simultaneously?
> RM> Yes, the 60% master window is across the top and the remaining
> RM> windows split the remaining 40% below. In this sketch there
> RM> are three windows sharing the bottom 40%:
> I'm guessing this affects all tag views, and not just the currently
> selected one(s).

Yes, the same as with floating mode. You are changing the viewing mode
of the one and only view that you have. Tags != views.

A tag is nothing more than a group of zero or more client windows. Tags
have names, but they do not have any organizational properties such as
float, tile, max, stack, etc. You choose your tag names in config.h and
you can auto-assign client windows to tags by defining regexp rules in

Your view is your view is your view. There is only one view. You can
choose one or more tags (groups of client windows) to be displayed on
your view at any given time. Your view does have organizational
properties, so you can change the way in which you look at it. The
default choices are tiled and floating. I simply patched in an
additional way to look at the view.

Those tag names on the left of your status bar are not views. They are
simply shortcuts for choosing which tags you want displayed on your view
at any given moment. If you left click on a tag name, you're telling dwm
that you wish to view only the client windows with that tag name. If you
right click on a tag name, you're telling dwm that you wish to
add/remove from the view any client windows with that tag name. The same
idea is true for the various keyboard shortcuts.


To clarify a point, the percentage split in the wide view is controlled
by MASTERW, as defined in config.h, same as it is for for the standard
tiled view. The default is MASTERW = 60, resulting in the 60/40 split.
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