[dwm] on-the-fly tags creation and deletion

From: Julian Romero <julian.romero+dwm_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2006 00:49:12 +0200

Trying to add more dynamism to the "d" in dwm I added the possibility
to add or removes tags while dwm is running.

You need the attached patch (for release 0.9 and up) and a script like
http://wiki.mad.mw/dwm/StartupScript to be able to communicate with
dwm. Feel free to use lower delay time.

Then, you can just add a new tag:

echo "add tag newtag" > ~/.dwm/status

or remove a existing one:

echo "del tag oldtag" > ~/.dwm/status

With the new tag approach I think this features are quite handy.


PS: it's not finished, I need to improve it to handle clients tagged
only with a tag being removed

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