Re: [dwm] Re: ImageMagick & display(1)

From: Sander van Dijk <>
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2006 11:50:45 +0200

On 8/21/06, dtm <> wrote:
> >>>>> "ARG" == Anselm R Garbe <> writes:
> ARG> If windows are forced floating in a Rule, they are unaffected
> ARG> by dotile() (dofloat() respects their current geometry and
> ARG> never touches that). Why isn't matching against
> ARG> class:instance enough?
> Duh, I didn't even consider using instance to accomplish what I
> needed. Thanks.

I was thinking about this again, and I think that Class:Instance:Title
matching would be good to have, because it allows more flexible Rules.
To revisit Capit's "why does the firefox preferences window not show
up in the current tag?" issue: it is currently not possible to write a
Rule that matches new firefox clients, but not the preferences window,
because they both have the same Class:Instance. With
Class:Instance:Title, one could use a regex like:
/Firefox.*:.*:.*- Deer Park$/ (or /Firefox.*:.*:.*- Firefox$/ if
you're using an official Mozilla build)
to match new clients, but not the preferences window, which I think
can be useful functionality (especially since this won't add much

Here's a sh-oneliner for config.default.h in case this makes it in:
xprop | awk -F '"' '/^WM_CLASS/ { printf("%s:%s:",$4,$2) }; /^WM_NAME/
{ printf("%s\n",$2) }'

Greetings, Sander.
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