Re: [dwm] placement of tags on titles

From: Julian Romero <>
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2006 16:08:21 +0200

On 8/23/06, David Tweed <> wrote:
> Having the active tags displayed just in the
> status bar for just the currently focussed client would
> provide a way to see the tags, without them taking up space
> in other windows. I'll have to try and get hg version and
> try it in practice with it.)
I'm of the same opinion but I prefer to show only the tile (w/out
tags) and only for active window.

I don't need neither tags nor titles in non-focused windows. I go the
desired windows without looking the title. If you need to know title,
you can focus the window is just a snap using the keyboard or the

You know your visible windows are tagged as highlighted tags
indicates. Knowing it's also on a non selected tag...what's useful

Perhaps a key combination to write the active window tags in the
status...for such rare cases you need to know.

I need to experiment with te code to be sure, anyway.


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