Re: [dwm] bold in status text

From: Kurt Maier <>
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2006 23:29:41 -0500

I've attached my .conkyrc file. I've also attached the helper script
that gets the essid of the wifi connection. Basically, the status
bar reads from left to right:

cpu speed in gigahertz
cpu temperature in centigrade
ram percentage used
swap percentage used
wifi (eth0) essid (reads 'off' if none)
wifi connection strength
eth0 ip address
battery status

Hope they help you get started on your own perfect configuration.

Rather than xosd or libnotify, both of which I've used in the past,
it's my intention to write a small program that displays a message in
the upper-right corner of the screen. I've already hacked dmenu to do
it, but it's not a pretty hack. Unfortunately, my job in the Army
doesn't give me much free time to work on it, but it's a thought you
might keep in mind when looking for multi-tag notification.

Currently, I just use xmessage.


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