Re: [dwm] placement of tags on titles

From: Anselm R. Garbe <>
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2006 08:22:07 +0200

On Thu, Aug 24, 2006 at 05:01:51PM +0000, Sander van Dijk wrote:
> On 8/24/06, Anselm R. Garbe <> wrote:
> >I haven't seen/tested yet what I pushed, because I'm still busy
> >with some other crap... oh dear I'm pretty excited how this 4
> >colors look...
> Don't bother looking, it'll haunt you forever (and I'm not joking).
> Just switch to six colors (or back to three, for all I care, just as
> long as it doesn't look the way it does now ;-)

For the moment I switched back to 3 colors (hg tip). They feel
easy to maintain, six colors are too much. However, I'm not very
happy with the 3 colors.

I thought a while about colorization issues and found, that the
inverting of an existing color set has the advantage, that the
inverted color fits well (which is often not the case for yet
another color tuple).

However, I consider the following idea:

  1 text color
+ 1 border color
+ 1 bg color for selected objects (client borders, client titles, tags)
+ 1 bg color for unselected objects (client borders, client titles, tags)
+ 1 bg color for status info

= 5 colors

At the dmenu side:

  1 text color
+ 1 border color (only used for highlighted item)
+ 1 bg color for normal use
+ 1 bg color for highlighted item

= 4 colors

This idea depends on two constraints:
1. The border color is used to provide a 1px border between
   labels, the space between labels should be only 1px (and not 2
   for adjacent labels).
2. The text color is the same everywhere, selection state is
   indicated through a different background color.
3. The color invertation on mode change is removed, one usually
   notices the floating mode by the gaps of increment handling.

What do others think about this idea?


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