Re: [dwm] some words of appreciation

From: carmen <>
Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2006 19:25:07 +0000

> I got fed up with gnome and went looking for a no-desktop solution and a more
> lightweight window manager. I stumbled across DWM and so far I am very happy
> with it after about three weeks of use. The first couple of times I felt a bit
> 'naked' without the desktop and window decorations I was used to but one adapts
> surprisingly fast to the lack of eye-candy.

previously i had fluxbox disable decorations and maximize everything. although this required a lot of alt-tabbing to find the right window. often times id tab past it nad have to loop through everything.

tried ion3 and wmii once, but they seemed too complicated for me to want to figure out how to customize

> Working with simple xterms and the terminus or fixed fonts in tiled mode is much
> nicer for long editing or coding sessions where continued readability is
> paramount.
> I'm also very happy with the way the top-bar developed over the last week, the
> distinction between the various sections through colours alone is visually very
> pleasing and easy on the eyes (this was definitely not the case with the extra
> rectangles in version 1.0).

agreed. i subscribed to this list since it looked like a lot of patches were being sent to it. but to be honest. i no longer have any complaints about my WM so i am going to unsubscribe :)

> Great job Anselm!

indeed, nice work. now if only i could get rid of this firefox beast and still have working Javascript.. :..


> regards,
> Anthony
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