[dwm] jr-patchset up to date

From: Julian Romero <julian.romero+dwm_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2006 01:10:14 +0200

I've updated my patches for tip (==386)
See http://wiki.mad.mw/dwm/JrPatchSet for information.

As the main code is far from frozen and I need to update my patches
regularly, I wrote a shell script to manage patch application (it
clone the required dwm release, then apply the specified patches and
finally build it with my own config.h)

hg clone http://hg.mad.mw/dwm-jr-patchset
cd dwm-jr-patchset/
./install -r tip --dwm --build --patch layout activetitle stdout
./dwm -v
startx ./dwm -- :3

 * make install is not performed even if the script is badly named install
 * individual patches are in dwm-jr-patchset/patches folder (by dwm release)
 * layout patch = 2nd master window + rows/columns + master resize +
sticky master size and layout mode


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