Re: [dwm] improve

From: Ricardo Martins <>
Date: Wed, 6 Sep 2006 22:19:06 +0100

On 14:47 Wed 06 Sep , Jack J. Woehr wrote:
> Apparently we are in violent agreement! :-)
> Well, I guess DWM must attract two types of "customers":
> 1) People who love simplicity.
> 2) People who want to take a simple piece of software someone
> else wrote and build castles in the sky from it!
> Or maybe we are each and everyone one of us a mixture of both!?

Heh, indeed we are! I must agree again with you. In my opinion, dwm
is a window manager that actually works and frees the user to be more
productive, instead of murking around.

It suffices to say that my "working environment" path was KDE ->
XFCE -> Openbox -> ion3 -> wmii -> dwm. I migrated progressively to a wm
that was simpler, faster and less distracting.

And yes, being very simple code-wise makes it very easy to extend and
personalise, or even create a new wm more suited for another perspective.


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