Re: [dwm] Java programs not displayed correctly

From: Frank Innerhofer-Oberperfler <>
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2006 15:17:12 +0200

Hi Pavel,

I experienced the same problem some time ago (with jabref) and the
only solution I came up with was to switch back to suns jvm 1.4 for
these programs.

On 9/13/06, Pavel Samek <> wrote:
> The only problem I have with dwm (1.5) is that java applications are not
> displyed correctly with Sun jvm 1.5.0_07. To demonstrate the problem you can
> simply run the jconsole tool from J2SE distribution. There are two windows:
> - entry dialog "JConsole: Connect to Agent"
> - main window "J2SE 5.0 Monitoring & Management Console"
> The dialog is displayed ok, but the main window shows only empty gray frame
> (should be frame with menu bar, one menu item "Connection").
> The same for other java apps having a frame with menu bar.
> Other window managers like WindowMaker, Xfce4 display it correctly.
> I believe the problem is with the Sun jvm, but knows someone some workaround?

Best regards,
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