[dwm] urxvt zoom vs resize

From: John S. Yates, Jr. <john_AT_yates-sheets.org>
Date: Mon, 06 Nov 2006 22:13:49 -0500

Can anyone explain why urxvt can accommodate window size
changes via zoom but not via drag-resizing?

E.G. I have urxvt term open in master position displaying
wide lines. I zoom it away, the wide lines wrap. I zoom
it back the wide lines unwrap. Sweet! But if I resize
via MODKEY-Mouse-3 dragging the wide lines do not wrap :-(

Is the problem here the fact that the window contents is
being displayed as it is resized? Might "rubber-banding"
-- dragging a window outline and only repainting window
contents when Mouse-3 is released -- solve the problem?

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