Re: [dwm] What functions do I really use?

From: Kurt Maier <>
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2006 08:07:27 -0600

Hey fellas,

I don't use the titlebars at all, ever, except the one in the statusbar.

The one feature I would like to see is ewmh "urgent" hint support, but
I don't really expect to see it, because it's not really in line with
Anselm's dwm philosophy. Regardless, it would be handy. That way, a
client could set urgent, and a dot could maybe appear on the _lower_
left corner of the tag. Maybe just blink three times and then leave.
I thought of another implementation; dwm could write the window name
of the "urgent" client to stdout, to allow another program (like
xmessage or libnotify) to handle the actual notification.

I use the stdin functionality a lot, and for various things; please
don't remove it.

Like others, I have one tag displayed at a time, and I have one tag
per client. I don't frequently use the polytagging or client

I also get annoyed at other window managers now. ;)

Kurt H Maier
Received on Wed Nov 22 2006 - 15:07:27 UTC

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