[dwm] DWM is DWM

From: Leonhard Scherer <lyon8_AT_gmx.net>
Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2006 15:35:38 +0100

Hi again,

let's think about the reason of dwm's invention: Wmii got a lot too fat.

But now many former wmii-users switch to DWM 'cause wmii is no longer
the project, Anselm spends his time on. So these people seem to think
that DWM is just "wmii 2.0" or something. They want everything, they had
in wmii now in DWM and prefer taking everything possible, to be able use
every function and not to loose it.

But I think like this, dwm can't really stay simple and small! Things
like 5 different modes for window handling and only one is used by most
of the people just blow up the code, isn't it?

I was so happy when I first heard of DWM, 'cause Anselm really
enunciated everything I wanted to have in a good window manager (and I
tryed a lot of 'em).

What I want to say is this:
Don't blow up the code of DWM; why don't you just use patches for your
special needs? The simpler DWM stays the easier is it for Anselm to code
it and for other people to expand the code.

Well, so far from me ;)


PS: Don't kill me! I just wrote what I think. :D

PSē: My Provider was down..I wanted to send the email two days ago :(
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